Dr. Nader Abu Ghattas
Dear viewers, The Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society (AOBS) is a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1907. Its aims to provide social and humanitarian aid to needy and marginalized families with medical assistance, in-kind donation, and other social support, in addition to establishing development projects that help to generate funds to cover its running costs as well as to maintain sustainability of its humanitarian assistance. As AOBS a Nonprofit and Non –government organization; our humanitarian works and efforts are based on openness, honesty, accountability, transparency, and respect to human dignity in order to improve the quality of life of those in need in Beit Jala. AOBS engages in multidimensional activities targeting a wide range of beneficiaries including children, scout activities, building projects, women’s rights, job creation, raising awareness and youth development, and preserve the Christian presence in the Holy Land. After so many years of dedicated help and support to the needy residents of Beit Jala, AOBS has developed written good governance policies, guidelines, and procedures as standards of practice and accountability for Board Members’ behavior and performance. AOBS has gained an outstanding reputation for the humanitarian work it provides and has become a very well heard organization in the local community as well as on the international level It is a great privilege that many local charitable institutions and organizations are using some of AOBS’s premises to provide additional humanitarian works such as schools, homes for elderly people, sports club, education, and culture. We rely on donations, from the public community to help to raise enough funds to continue advocating our cause. We focus strongly on our mission, vision, and strategic plan in implementing our activities and therefore build confidence in our Society. I would like to point out that support and financial assistance from inside and outside is the main source for continuing our humanitarian work, especially in light of the difficult circumstances that we are all going through. The present Board of Directors, as well as the previous Board of Directors of the Arab Orthodox Benevolent society, work on a voluntary basis, and we are proud of that with the aim of providing what we can to serve the people of our city, Beit Jala. In the end, I would like to thank the people of our beloved city Beit Jala at home and abroad for their material and moral support and extend my gratitude to all those who contributed and supported the AOBS’s charitable works over so many years. Without their support and assistance, Society would not have reached where it is now.