According to the Municipality, about 90% of Beit Jala city population is educated on the level of secondary education. However, and according to the PCBS there is about 2.9% of illiteracy in Beit Jala city.

About 50% of illiteracy is among women while on the different stages of education, males are 50% more educated than females.

There are 3 public schools, 6 private schools and one UNRWA school as follows (10 total):

  • Girls Public Schools: Beit Jala Girls High School (Chile
  • Girls Private Schools: Ar Ra’ei as Salih Swedish School
  • Boys Public & UNRWA Schools:
    • Wadi’ Di’mes Boys Elementary School
    • Iskandar al Khoury Boys High School
    • Beit Jala Boys Elementary School – UNRWA)
  • Mixed Private Schools:
    • Talitha Kumi High School
    • Latin Patriarch High School
    • Al Quds American School
    • Al Amal High School
    • St. Ephram Syriac School)

There are also 6 Kindergartens in Beit Jala City:

  • Charity-based: (Al Imam Ahmad Ben Hanbal Kindergarten)
  • Private based:
    • Cremisan Nunnery Kindergarten
    • Talitha Kumi Kindergarten
    • St. Ephram Syriac Kindergarten
    • The Greek Orthodox Monastery Kindergarten
    • Beit al Liqa’ Kindergarten)

There is one university in Beit Jala city: Al Quds Open University

There are two community colleges; Talitha Kumi Community College for the education of hospitality, and Bethlehem Bible College. There is also the theology Institute which is known as the Seminar. Beit Jala city also has a Governmental vocational training center and the Bethlehem Music Academy.