Al Ihsan Association owns various properties in the city of Beit Jala, and these properties are fully registered in its name with official documents, including what is partially registered, as the association’s management has been continuously and persistently registering these properties in the name of the association and work is underway to register it. There is also real estate located in the center of the city, including those located outside it in Area C, which is under Israeli control, which the association finds difficult to register, as this requires diligent follow-up to obtain the approval of the Israeli party to register it, not to mention the financial cost that can be incurred by Al-Ihsan to register these properties. It is also worth noting that there are real estates that are registered in the name of Al-Ihsan Association, but they are managed administratively and financially, and completely by the agents of the Orthodox Church in Beit Jala.
The properties and real estate belonging to the charity association can be identified as follows:

  1. The headquarters of the Charity Association in Beit Jala, next to St. Nicholas Church.
  2. The market building in the city center of Beit Jala.
  3. The headquarters of the Arab Orthodox Sports Club, the Al-Sheli Girls School, and the Wadih Dams School are located in the Al-Maskobiya area.
  4. The headquarters of the Arab Charitable Society (currently Al-Amal School, or what was previously called the Mannonites), is located in the Al-Shorfa area of ​​Beit Jala lands.
  5. Badr land, is located in the Al-Shorfa area and is adjacent to the headquarters of the Arab Charitable Society.
  6. The headquarters of the Jala Company, which was previously known as Al-Zumar Building, is located in the northern Sidr area and is located on the main street in the direction of Talita Qumi School.
  7. The headquarters of the Saint Nicholas House Association for the Elderly, is located in the Khallet Hamama area of ​​Beit Jala lands.
  8. The housing building is located in the Al-Sraisir area of ​​Beit Jala lands.
  9. Al-Araj Building is located in the northwest of the Virgin Church of the Greek Orthodox.
  10. The property is located in Hosh Musleh in the center of Beit Jala.
    11. The estate of St. Grace (Hosh al-Khidr), is located near the Church of St. Nicholas.
  11. Widad Rabee’ property, is located in Khallet Al-Janain, is from Beit Jala lands.

There are real estates and properties that are under follow-up and registration. These real estates are:

  1. Wedad Khamis real estate in Iraq neighborhood in the city center.
  2. A plot of land in Wadi Ahmed in the Cremisan area of ​​Beit Jala lands.
  3. A plot of land in the cross area.
  4. A plot of land in the area of the table in Beit Jala.