1. Maintaining a relentless pursuit to secure financial support to provide the humanitarian needs of people with social situations.
  2. Establishing income-generating development and development projects.
  3. Completion of property and real estate registration transactions with the competent official departments.
  4. A business plan study for the new Al-Sraisir project is currently being prepared.
  5. Completing the preparation of maps for the architecture of the market (sorting apartments).
  6. Completing the preparation of maps for the current Al-Sraisir housing building.
  7. Conducting developmental, cultural and awareness-raising workshops, and ensuring the continuity of the festive programs and activities that Al-Ihsan Association used to carry out.
  8. Work is still going on to secure financial support for the installation of the solar energy system.
  9. Continuing to implement the items of the association’s strategic plan.
  10. Continuing to update and develop the administrative and financial systems of the Al-Ihsan Society in line with the special status and status of the Society as an Arab Orthodox charity.
  11. Continuing to cooperate with associations, centers and institutions for the benefit and benefit of all.
  12. Publications of the Palestinian poet and writer Al-Bitjali Iskandar Al-Khoury.
  13. Work to collect all debts owed by all tenants in the association’s real estate.
  14. Complete the work on the association’s website.
  15. Continuing to maintain the association’s property and carry out the necessary maintenance.
  16. Strengthening the relationship with expatriates.