1. To provide social humanitarian assistance and set up innovative educational programs.
  2. To set up festive, recreational, and religious activities and awareness programs in the community of Beit Jala to enforce belonging, steadfastness, and social participation in charitable works.
  3. To strengthen the relations and participation with local private/official social organizations and institutions in the Bethlehem region, particularly in Beit Jala as well as networking and coordination with international organizations in the implementation of community humanitarian projects away from duplication of works and activities.
  4. To ensure having a good governance system at all society levels, and prepare the needed admin, finance, and human resources manual, policies, and procedures.
  5. To ensure the development and capacity building of the society, its partners, and other civil society organizations in Beit Jala.
  6. To open educational, social, and development centers in the Bethlehem region or other regions in Palestine and to secure funds for this purpose, provided that, these centers operate under the umbrella, laws, and regulations of the Society.
  7. To promote and increase the society’s revenue and implement humanitarian development projects that are included in the strategic plan of the Society.
  8. To purchase fixed and non-fixed assets and create income-generating development projects to generate income to cover the operating costs of the society.
  9. To create residential apartments that serve AOBS objectives and its activities.