Since the current administrative body assumed its duties in June of the year 2019, the administration has set its sights and mapped a path and identified goals and actions that must be implemented to maintain the continuity of the work and activity of the association for years to come, and for these goals and vision to be a paved path as much as possible for the upcoming administrative bodies to follow or increase them in a clear, consecutive and continuous manner .
Despite all the exceptional and difficult circumstances that we all went through, the association’s management worked diligently and with all its energy and provided humanitarian services and carried out many and great developmental work in order to achieve the association’s goals according to the action plan it set in its first sessions, which included:

  1. Agree on the necessity of making a strategic plan for the association.
  2. Continuing to secure financial support from inside and outside to maintain the provision of the humanitarian association’s services as best and comprehensive as possible.
  3. Inventory and registration of the association’s property and real estate and documenting it is an official form.
  4. Solve the issue of land in the alley door
  5. Appointing a part-time accountant for the association.
  6. Appointing an administrative director of the association.
  7. Installing an electronic accounting system for the association.
  8. Appointing a new external legal financial auditor for the association
  9. Arranging the administrative situation and making clear internal administrative and financial procedures and systems for the association and working according to them
  10. Establishing a variety of awareness programs, especially for young people.
  11. Create a page and website for the charity association.
  12. Strengthening cooperation with local and international centers and institutions for the benefit of the association.
  13. Establishing projects for the association in order to cover its periodic expenses and increase its humanitarian services.
  14. Maintaining the various assembly buildings as much as possible.
  15. Confirming the membership of the General Assembly and approving the actual number of its members from those who pay membership fees.
  16. Assessment of the association’s property, specifically the fixed assets of real estate, buildings and land.
  17. Increasing effort and work to collect rental fees from residents in the association’s properties.
  18. Collecting and printing the publications of the Betjalian poet Iskandar Al-Khoury