Electricity & Telecommunications: Beit Jala City has been connected with the Jerusalem Electricity Co. since 1965 where almost 99% of the households are connected to the Network in the city. As for Telecommunications, more than 95% of the households and other establishments are connected through PALTEL Co.

Private vehicles are not the only means of transport, public transportation is quite good in Beit Jala city with public and private taxi system in addition to good bus services mainly by the Jerusalem Busses Co. and Al Walajeh Village Bus service as they must pass through Beit Jala to complete their roots.

Water has been provided to Beit Jala city since 1968 by the Palestinian Water Authority and currently, more than 98% of the population & households are connected to the network.

Beit Jala city has a 32.5km public sewage network, established between 1995 and 1999. The end of the network is connected to Bir Onah Pumping Station, which pumps the wastewater into West Jerusalem private sewage network

Beit Jala Municipality is the official body responsible for managing Solid Waste charging households 175 NIS for Households – 600 NIS for Stores – 450 NIS for Factories – 3,500 NIS for Hospitals and 2,000 NIS for Schools on annual basis all on annual basis.