1. Humanitarian aid was provided to the needy in Beit Jala in the form of food baskets, covering treatment fees, medicines, cash assistance, and other assistance) worth 117,674 shekels from its own budget. In addition, the association, in light of the prevailing health, social and economic conditions, and in coordination and arrangement with associations, institutions, committees, and relief centers have succeeded in delivering humanitarian aid to families in need in Beit Jala. This aid was evaluated at 483,302 shekels, out of which the total value of the social aid provided is 600,949 shekels, and the number of social cases benefiting from the assistance was 2,202.
  2. It has been approved to provide subsidies with discounts to some of the tenants of the association’s properties due to the prevailing economic, social, and health conditions.
  3. The association facilitated the receipt of financial donations for the benefit of some families.
  4. It was agreed with several health centers such as Al-Shifa Center, the Arab Society for Rehabilitation Hospital, Dar Al-Ayoun, and a number of doctors to make discounts for difficult social cases transferred to them from the Al-Ihsan Association.
  5. The association continued to help the families by covering half of the government health insurance fees in cooperation with a number of charitable institutions
  6. The Society donated $1,000 to the Orthodox Hospital in Beirut (incubators for children), which was damaged as a result of the explosion of the Port of Beirut
  7. The association assisted the people of Beit Jala with the Coronavirus by providing 30 oxygen generators and covering the expenses of hospitals and medicines.
  8. The association provided the people of the city with financial and moral assistance in defending their land in Al-Makhrour.
  9. The Society provided humanitarian aid to a number of Beit Jala residents on the occasion of Christmas and Easter, as was the custom every year.
  10. A joint aid committee was formed from the association, scouts, women, representatives of churches, priests, and the cultural center to unify efforts to provide aid to the people of the city.
  11. The association continues to provide the service of transporting the dead.