During the period of responsibility of the current administrative body and until the date of the election of a new administrative body, which is expected to take place in June of the year 2022, the current administrative body was able to achieve vacations, not a little diligently. As mentioning these achievements, some may think that achieving them is easy, but those who have experience and administrative, financial and procedural knowledge know that reaching and achieving these goals exhausts effort and money and requires diligent and persistent work to achieve them. Among the most important achievements are the following:

  1. Approval of the (Bisan) accounting program.
  2. A part-time accountant for the association was appointed.
  3. An administrative director has been appointed for the association
  4. Bank accounts have been opened for the centers operating under the administrative umbrella of the association, which are:
    1. Scout group
    2. Center for Orthodox Culture and Education
    3. Expatriate donations
    4. Opening a separate bank account to compensate for the end of service for the official employees of the association. An actual financial provision for the end of service was deposited for employees in the amount of 20,000 shekels allocated for this purpose.
  5. A legal auditor for the association (Deloit Company) was appointed by a decision of the administrative body, after the association had submitted a tender to invite price quotations to audit the accounts according to the rules, and it was not possible to be approved by the General Assembly due to the Corona pandemic, and the Ministry of Interior was informed of that.
  6. The association has been insured, including injuries, buildings, the association’s car, accidents, and others.
  7. The association has developed procedures and instructions to facilitate the payment of rents due from tenants.
  8. A new photocopy machine was purchased for the association.
  9. A laptop was purchased for the association.
  10. The surveillance system and cameras in the assembly have been updated.
  11. The association made wooden shelves in two warehouses in the association, to archive the financial and administrative documents related to the association’s work and activities.
  12. The association organized several workshops within the association for strategic planning, with the participation of members from the administrative board, the general authority, and the youth and women category, and concluded with a full-day workshop for the final formulation of the strategic plan that was approved by the administrative body.
  13. Domain Name was created for the association under the name AOBS-bj.org
  14. Completing the registration of a number of the association’s real estate in the settlement.
  15. 30 oxygen machines were provided to help those infected with the Corona virus, from the people of Beit Jala and from outside it
  16. Engineering plans have been made to establish income-generating construction projects for the association, specifically in the Al-Sraisir and Al-Maskobiya area in Beit Jala, and the works are going well. It is expected to start the work of the guest house (Al-Sraisir area) in April of the year 2022.
  17. The solar energy system was installed at the headquarters of the Al-Ihsan Association for the benefit of the system for both the Association and the Betjalian Orthodox Scout Group. The project cost amounted to 26000 US dollars.
  18. 2000 volumes (500 sets) of the works of the poet Iskandar Al-Khoury Al-Bitjali were printed, thus preserving an important cultural and national heritage.
  19. The Arab Orthodox Ihsan Association’s share of its ownership of a plot of land in the Bab Al-Zaqqaq area of ​​Beit Jala lands was sold, thus solving a problem that had existed around the land for more than 15 years.
  20. The number of members of the association’s general assembly has been counted, and the subscription fees due from them for previous years have been settled.
  21. Developmental, developmental and educational projects have been submitted to more than one donor (projects related to the development of the assembly hall theater, maintenance of the scout group building, development of the vegetable garden, restoration of the Al-Maskobiya property, and other projects).