The work and culture of the AOBS in Beit Jala is based on equality and supports all targets of the Beit Jala community regardless of their social and economic status, gender, ethnicity, etc. the below values and beliefs are guiding the work of the associations.
  • Equality and inclusiveness: “services for all” is the guiding principle for all the activities the association provides to the Beit Jala community.  Everyone has the right to access the facilities and programs.
  • Respect and forgiveness: the association promotes respect and forgiveness among all the members of the association and others in the community through its various programs mainly scouts programs that are built on those ethical principles.
  • Tolerance and perseverance:  accepting the other is a main guiding principle the association promotes through it is various cultural, social, and sports programs and events. Whereas perseverance is a tool to support the Beit Jala people is maintaining their existence and identity in Palestine
  • Is Responsive and Relevant: in the rapidly changing modern world, the Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society in Beit Jala seeks to be adaptable, responsive to community needs, and thus needs to research the market constantly
  • Promotes transparency and accountability: this is highly integrated within the association’s dealings with communities, partners, donors, and beneficiaries.
  • Nurtures Volunteerism: the association bases its work on the principles of volunteerism and service to others.
  • Is Democratic and Participatory: the organization shuns discrimination, and promotes democracy and plurality as well as participatory decision-making and management, both internally and within its programs.
  • Believes in Partnership and Collective Work: the association strives to create lasting partnerships on the basis of similar goals and values both with local communities, national and international partners in order to complement the work of others.