Beit Jala is an Aramaic name that means a “Grass Carpet”. The city dates back to 1912 and its residents originate from the neighboring Arab countries including Iraq. Located about 1.8 km West of Bethlehem City. Historically, Beit Jala city lands were more than 29,000 Dunoms but with the Israeli land confiscation actions Beit Jala city is only left with less than 9,500 Dunoms (33%) classified 35% as area “C” – 65% as area “A” and NO area “B”. Beit Jala City is surrounded by Bethlehem city to the east, Jerusalem city and Gilo settlement to the north, Al Walaja and Battir villages to the west, and Ad Doha city and Al Khader town to the south. Beit Jala city is governed by a Municipality of 13 members since 1997 (11 Men – 2 Women). The Municipality is Administered by the Palestinian Authority through the Ministry of Local Council and is planned to have elections once every four years. Municipality Services include licensing for building – infrastructure services (Solid Waste / Water / Electricity) in addition to Solid Waste collection – Road construction & maintenance – Garbage collection – protection of archaeological and religious sites and other social programs.