Welcome to the Orthodox Cultural and Educational Center: Nurturing Faithful Citizens

Established in 2002, the Orthodox Cultural and Educational Center is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a robust Christian faith among our children. 

Nestled near Saint Nicholas Church in Beit Jala, our center occupies a historic building once belonging to the esteemed family of the late Fr. Constantine Ziadeh. Today, this space is dedicated to our younger generation’s spiritual and intellectual growth.

Our journey began with a vision to empower our children with a deep and meaningful Christian faith that would guide them throughout their lives. This vision was brought to life through the generosity of our compatriots in the diaspora, who not only purchased this historic building but also covered the costs of its renovation. It stands as a testament to the unity and dedication of our community.


Our Mission

At the heart of the Orthodox Cultural and Educational Center lies a profound mission: to impart the core principles of Christianity to our young ones. By nurturing a strong faith foundation, we are shaping better individuals and contributing to the well-being of our smaller Christian community and the broader Palestinian society.


Our Objectives

  1. Spiritual Growth: Our center is where children can deepen their understanding of Christian values. We help them forge a strong connection with their faith through engaging programs and activities.
  2. Civic Responsibility: Beyond religious teachings, we emphasize the importance of being good citizens. We instill values of compassion, tolerance, and responsibility, shaping our children into conscientious members of our society.
  3. Community Building: We believe in the strength of unity. Our center is a hub for building connections among our youth and fostering a sense of belonging within our Christian community.
  4. Cultural Preservation: We take pride in preserving our cultural heritage. Through cultural events and education, we ensure that our traditions and history continue to thrive.


Join Us in this Noble Endeavor

We invite you to explore our center’s offerings, from enriching religious classes to community-building initiatives. Together, we can nurture a generation of faithful and responsible citizens who will contribute positively to our Christian community and the wider Palestinian society.

At the Orthodox Cultural and Educational Center, we are shaping young minds and nurturing the future of our community and our nation. Welcome to a place where faith, knowledge, and civic responsibility unite to create a brighter tomorrow.