Patients’ Committee in Beit Jala: Compassion in Action

2005, the Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society established the Patients’ Committee in Beit Jala. Over the years, this compassionate initiative has thrived and garnered support from other benevolent organizations in Beit Jala. Today, we take you behind the scenes to shed light on the invaluable work of the Patients’ Committee and its dedication to supporting the most vulnerable members of our community.


A United Front of Benevolence

The Patients’ Committee operates from the heart of the Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society headquarters. This central location ensures transparency in its financial reports and facilitates regular meetings through established internal systems. These meetings, held monthly or as needed, play a crucial role in charting the path to bettering the lives of our fellow citizens.


Guiding Principles and Selection Process

The Patients’ Committee is guided by principles that ensure assistance reaches those who need it most, without discrimination. A robust standard operating procedure has been put in place to assess eligibility for support meticulously. Every three years, founding institutions carefully select committee members, ensuring a dedicated and knowledgeable team.


Community-Powered Assistance

The Patients’ Committee is not alone in its mission. Charitable bodies within Beit Jala, including The Senior Citizens Society, Women’s Childcare Society, Saint Nicholas Home for the Elderly, the Custodians of Orthodox Churches, the Ladies Committee of the Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society, the Society de St. Vincent de Paul, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church, provide invaluable support. Their annual contributions bolster the Patient Fund, but resources remain limited.


Call to Philanthropists

The Patients’ Committee is reaching out to compassionate philanthropists locally and beyond to extend a helping hand. The demand for support far exceeds the available resources, making every contribution crucial. Even small donations can significantly impact the lives of our fellow citizens in need.


Making a Difference: Your Support Matters

In most cases, the Patient Fund can only provide partial support to ensure as many requests as possible are positively evaluated and supported. Medical and social proposals undergo thorough evaluation by professional social workers and are meticulously vetted by the committee.


How You Can Help

Your support can make a world of difference. To contribute to the Patients’ Fund and be part of this compassionate mission, please get in touch with us at [Contact Email/Phone]. 

You can also make a direct financial contribution to the following bank account:

Bank Name: XXXXXXX

Account Name: XXXXXX

Account Number: XXXXX

Swift code: XXXXX

Your generosity will bring hope and healing to those who need it most in Beit Jala. Together, we can continue to be a beacon of compassion and support in our community in Beit Jala.